The Religious Life of 21st Century China: Photo Contest and Exhibition

In order to promote a deeper understanding of the religious life in contemporary China, the Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University organized a photo contest entitled “Religious Life in 21st Century China” in December 2016. More than 200 people from Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Israel, the United States, UK, Canada, Belgium, Netherlands, and Palau, submitted approximately one thousand photos. After several rounds of evaluation by scholars and professional photographers, awards went to 57 photos. One first prize, six second prize, 30 third prize, and 20 honorable mention.

Among the contestants, age ranges from as young as 20 year-old college students to 70 year-old retired military officers and government employees. Other professions include company employee, university professor, professional photographer, freelancer, and religious clergy.

Submitted photos cover five major religions (Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Islam and Daoism), Shamanism and other folk religions in China. Geographically, these photos were taken in 18 provinces, 4 autonomous religions and 4 municipalities. This group of photos is the witness of the rapid growing of religions in China.