Global East Religion Writing Workshop

March 11-15, 2024 (All sessions 8–10am Hong Kong Time) via Zoom

Host: Center on Religion and the Global East, Purdue University

Instructor: Stefania Travagnin, Reader at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies

Deadline: Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and a short CV to, by February 20, 2024.

This five-day (2-hour daily) Zoom workshop is designed for advanced PhD students, postdocs, and assistant professors with East Asian religion background and research skills, aiming to refine their English academic writing for journals.

Over the first four days, the workshop combines lectures and exercises to hone academic article writing skills.
Day 1, addresses topic selection, research question formulation and positioning.
Day 2, explores often overlooked sources and literature.
Day 3, delves into multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research methods.
Day 4, introduces Digital Humanities for research production and visualization.
Day 5, features individual sessions for personalized paper improvement advice.

Dr. Stefania Travagnin (史芬妮博⼠) is a renowned scholar in Chinese Buddhism, serves as a Reader at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Her academic background includes a MA in Chinese Studies and a PhD in the Study of Religion. Dr. Travagnin has led significant research in Taiwan over two decades, focusing on Buddhist women, Humanistic Buddhism, and the interrelation of religion, media, and digital technology. She is codirector of the multiyear project “Mapping Religious Diversity in Modern Sichuan” ( and edits several volumes on religion in China, alongside her role as editor-in-chief of the Review of Religion and Chinese Society journal.

For more information, please check out Dr. Travagnin’s website: