In developing OSAC, the Center on Religion and Chinese Society has relied on numerous people. Some have helped in collecting and cleaning data, others in technical issues and the mapping of the data, and still others in the design of the platform and website. We have pooled support from students in many disciplines and have received contributions of data and technical advice from scholars outside of Purdue. Here, we list those who have made significant contributions to the development of OSAC.


Zilong Yang
M.S student in Civil Engineering
Research Assistant
Yitong Zhao
B.S student in Computer Engineering
Research Assistant
Tzu-Ray Wang
BA/S student in Global Study
Research Assistant
Yifan Lei
BA/S student in Sociology
Research Assistant
Yutong Fan
B.A student in Sociology
Research Assistant
Calvin Huang
BA/S student in Economics and Math
Research Assistant



A number of people have contributed data that we have incorporated in the mapping of religious sites. Those interested in providing such data can contact us at


OSAC has benefited from suggestions from scholars in many institutions and from a variety of disciplines, including those listed here.

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